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Diamond Mist NICSALT, Gold & Silver, 10mL, 20MG Nicotine

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  • Brand: Diamond Mist
  • Product Code: Gold And Silver, 10mL, 20MG Nicotine
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Gold & Silver (Award Winning Tobacco) 20mg Nic Salt (10ml) 
A combination of everyone's favourite cigarettes. With the smoothness of the silver and the throat hit of the gold. It makes this one a great rounded Tobacco flavour with Nicotine Salt otherwise called Nic Salt, is a processed kind of nicotine produced specially for vaping.
Nicotine salt e-juice is significantly simpler to breathe in than regular e-liquids because of it is less harsh on the throat and enables vapers to utilize stronger concentrations of up to 20mg nicotine in UK (or 50mg outside the EU area). The key in experiencing Salts is the ability to inhale more nicotine with less harshness. 
It's essential to be watchful with high nicotine salt juice, particularly in higher watt/power vape gadgets. It's anything but difficult to try too hard so relax when you begin and try a smaller concentration to start with. 
All Diamond Mist Salt Nic product are available in 10ml bottles in 20mg nicotine.

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