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Joyetech TEROS Pod System

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  • Brand: Joyetech
  • Product Code: Joyetech TEROS Pod System
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Joyetech Teros Features
  • Colour changing - some react to sunlight, while the others react to body heat (Black & Silver do not feature colour change)
  • Refillable Pod Mod System
  • 480mAh Battery
  • Works great with Nic salts
  • Dimensions: 90.0mm x 29.0mm x 12.0mm

About the Joyetech Teros Starter Kit

The Joyetech Teros is a lightweight refillable pod mod utilising Joyetech’s ECO technology, which improves battery life and helps you get the most out of your e-liquid. 

The Teros couldn’t be easier to use: simply fill up a 2ml pod with your e-liquid of choice, slot it into the top of the device and inhale on the mouthpiece. Simple! To fill up a Joyetech Teros pod, just remove the stopper from the side of the pod, drip your e-liquid into the filling slot and firmly replace the stopper. Powered by a 480mAh battery, the Joyetech Teros boasts impressive battery life thanks to its low constant voltage output. This ECO technology also gives you a consistently great vape, and helps your e-liquid go even further. 

An LED battery life indicator sits on the front of the Joyetech Teros; when more than 50% battery life remains, the light glows green, changing to red as the battery empties. When the LED flashes red, it’s time to charge your Teros: simply connect the device to your USB port using the cable included in the kit. When the battery’s fully charged, the light will go out, and you’re ready to vape again!

The Joyetech Teros is available in a range of sleek finishes, including two photochromic and two thermochromic varieties. The photothermic Teros changes colour under sunlight, while the thermochromic version changes colour based on temperature for truly eye-catching style.

The Joyetech Teros is a slim, pocket-friendly pod mod that boasts impressive battery life and fantastic flavour. If you’re looking for a convenient starter kit that doesn’t compromise on flavour, the Teros by Joyetech could be the one for you!